16 July 2010

How to set up a blog

How to set up a blog

Step by step to setting up a wordpress.com blog
This is for all of those who have always wanted to express yourself. A blog is one of the best mediums and methods to get your voice heard without being subjected to public humiliation. During this blog post I will explain to you in a step by step and easy method, how to set up a blog using wordpress.com
Most blogging providers such as wordpress and blogger allow you to fully customize your blog using a web coding language like HTML and CSS. To the average person that uses the internet, this is one massively daunting task that drives most away from starting a blog. www.wordpress.com makes things extremely easy by giving you inbuilt templates that makes the use of web coding redundant. Now everyone is able to blog to their hearts content.

Here is that step by step process I promised:
Step 1:
Go to www.wordpress.com and click signup

Step 2:
Enter your details into the corresponding blocks, remember that more then likely your username will end up being the name of your blog that people will have to enter as a website address for them to read your blog. So make the name interesting, but make sure its easy to remember. Hit next

Step 3:
Now decide on the title of your blog, make it something that means a lot to you and your everyday life. This is more then likely the title that all your blog posts will be connected to. Hit signup

Step 4:
Fill in your personal details that are required and write a short paragraph about yourself.
Click save profile

Step 5:
Go and log into the email account that you signed up with and click the first link. This is in order to register your account, remember that if you do not click that link within 2 days, your account will be deleted and you will have to restart the process.

Step 6:
Click home
Click my blogs
Click Dashboard

Step 7:
Now we are going to give your blog a custom look and feel. Wordpress.com does not allow for extreme amounts of customization. You are able to click a pre-made theme and add a few extra widgets, that is about the brunt of it.
Click appearance
Choose a theme and click activate

Step 8:
Now it is time to start adding some widgets. A widget is simply a little extra application that can be added to a website, blog, some mobile phones and even some computers. It can range from adding a calendar to your blog to incorporating your Facebook, Flickr and Twitter to your blog. These widgets are loads of fun but remember not to add too many, it can clutter up your blog and make it difficult to read.
Click widgets, under appearance
Drag and drop a widget onto either sidebar 1 or sidebar 2

Step 9:
Now you are ready to start your blogging, blogging is very easy to do. All you have to do is type what you want to say, change fonts, add in picture, add in links and once you are finished you just need to click post.
Click posts
Click add new

Give your post a title! Type your story in the block, edit it however you wish. Add in a picture, movie, music and once you are finished create a category that your blog fits in and finally just hit post.

Now you are finished your first post, happy posting

Now that you are all experts at posting a blog post, here is some stuff that you can do some research on or you can comment bellow and I will get back to you with any answers you need.
1)     1) You are able to post blog posts for wordpress.com from your cellphone
2)    2)  You can edit the posts HTML to make it exactly how you want it to be
3)     3) Tagging your blog posts can help in getting you more traffic through your blog

Hope this blog post has helped you all, chat soon and don’t be scared to comment

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