13 July 2010

What will be written in this space

Many have never read, let alone started their own blog. Society i general is technologically stable, this in simple terms means that most people within society do not know what is coming next. They are not aware of the tools, that marketing guru's uses in order to capture their imagination and hold their attention for just long enough in order for their subconscious to have an image burnt and etched into it.
Majority of people come into contact with multiple genres of technology on a daily basis. Weather it is something as simple as receiving emails and phone calls, or as complicated as touch screen inputs and servers controlling living environments.
No matter how hard one tries, we are all slaves to elements of technology. Electricity in its most basic form is the most basic of technologies. Problems we are exposed to in the present day is the problem that technology is becoming routine, we are all living in a technological bubble.
This blog will be talking about technologies that are going to strive to burst that bubble and have society pushing for newer and more complex technologies coming into the public sector. I will be doing future technology reviews , informative technological posts and the occasional gadget review. I will even be posting information on how technologies work with informative pictures

i hope you all enjoy

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