12 August 2010

Create a website

Most people these days that read blogs already have a limited knowledge of creating a website. this is more aimed at the user that is wanting to create a simple website that will be able to boost their companies brand or even boost product sales.


This will not be a guide to creating a HTML or Flash website. This is going to give you a few web links that you will be free or you will have to pay a small fee to use their web design programs.

I have used one of the three websites i will be talking about. Withtank.com was super simple to use and made creating a website fun and interactive. all three websites including web hosting and domain registration as part of their packages. All of their pricing is on a par with each others and is relatively cheaper then hiring a web designer to create a custom website.

do now get me wrong, hiring a web designer is a much better way to go, but this is more focused on people that would rather not spend extra cash on something they are not sure will take off. In a future post i will be discussing creating a website using a HTML down-loadable layout.

Well i am not going to stop you all from going out and starting up your first website. for any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.



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